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July 9, 2016

You probably have a bunch of browser tabs open right now.

Use OneTab to effectively consolidate and save all your browser tabs in one click.

Are you afraid of closing your browser and losing all your tabs? Me too, that’s why I downloaded OneTab for Google Chrome. I wanted to declutter my digital workspace, especially when I found out that all my open tabs were using so much of my memory! It turns out that using OneTab can save you up to 95% memory and help you to become more productive.



  • Save up to 95% memory.
  • Reduce web browser tab clutter.
  • One click converts all of your tabs into a list.
  • Restore tabs individually or all at once.
  • Share your tabs list with a simple link.
  • Export and import your tabs as a list of URLs.
  • Drag and drop to easily reorder your lists.
  • Privacy first app with optional sharing.


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