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August 18, 2016

Square Cash Logo

Sending money shouldn’t be a pain in the a$$.

Use Square Cash to send money from your phone.

Pay your babysitter, reimburse your friends or loan your family some money. Cash makes it easy to send and receive that magical green paper from anyone in minutes. The “Cash Tags” are pretty cool too, they are basically your unique Cash ID like:$drewpark88 (yup, that’s mine). Try it out, getting started is as simple as snapping a picture of your credit card. It’s not any different from sending and tracking your text messages, so you already know how to use the Square Cash app.

This app seems so natural it will become a part of your weekly routine. Cash is completely free to send money to friends and family, we know  .. it’s awesome! Deposits are easy and even faster than alternatives. We are talking instant cashouts people! Get on our level and go download the app, it’s free!

Cash App Screenshots

Square Cash Graphic


  • Track your cash like you do text messages.
  • Send your money to anyone in seconds.
  • Get a personal Cash Tag.
  • It’s free for personal payments.


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