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July 4, 2016

Alfred 3 mac mac app for searching.

No not Batman’s butler .. but just as loyal!

Alfred an easier way to search your mac, the interwebs or anything else.

Alfred is a cool little Mac app that chills in the batcave background providing you with custom hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. You don’t have to search your whole computer to find what you need, Alfred will only look for the configured essentials. We all hate waiting search results and not finding what we need when we need it most. Do yourself a favor and download one of our favorite apps and in-turn be more productive.

The Alfred mac app clipboard screenshot


  • Better way to search your mac and the internet.
  • Hotkeys for almost anything.
  • Clipboard history that is easy to access and reuse.
  • Create workflows to automate your common tasks.
  • Control your music with hotkeys
  • Check your spelling from desktop
  • Extendable, so much more…


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