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July 16, 2016

Give Ads the finger.

Use AdBlock to block annoying popups, youtube ads and more.

Paid Ads are the bane of our existence! Everyone agrees that these advertisements are getting out of hand lately. AdBlock helps to eliminate advertisements from the websites that truly abuse their users’ time and space with obtrusive ads. At first, you may feel guilty because some of these websites provide free content but rely on the advertisement revenue for their business to stay afloat. Don’t. There should never be an unspoken obligation for you to be force fed advertisements.

Don’t worry, if it’s not spammy unexpected ads then they may not be blocked at all. Have you ever waited several infuriating minutes for a YouTube ad to finish? Well, go download the adblock extension and turn the bullshit off forever.




  • Block the most annoying ads.
  • Browse the internet faster.
  • No more YouTube ads.
  • Free ad blocker
  • No personal information required.


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